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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S
"Infectiously lively with up-tempo material.” BBC Magazine, UK

“Teasing precision, reminiscent of the human voice.” The NY Times

"Ravikiran is the Mozart of Indian Music" - Wisconsin State  Journal

 "Breaks down the barriers" - Time Out, Bombay

"Energetic... wonderful" - Deccan Herald, Bangalore

"Breaks new grounds." - The Hindu, India

E V E N T S​ - Upcoming

Nov 7-8

Dikshitar-Beethoven Melharmony Festival, Mills Hall, Madison, WI includes concerts, workshops, lectures Feature event: Chitravina N Ravikiran with Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra

E V E N T S​ - Past

Sept 12

OVK-Bach Festival, Chicago




Melharmony Workshop, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY, USA 1.30-4.30 pm. Open to composers, musicians and students of Western Classical, Jazz, Indian Classical and other systems.



Melharmony Clinic with various schools at Sun Praire School Auditorium, Madison, USA


22, 2015

Melharmony Paper by Steve Kurr at Composition in Asia (CIA) Symposium and Festival, University of South Florida in Tampa 

Nov 30

Melharmony Concert with Mark Stone - Bharat Sangeet Utsav, 2015 in Bangalore, India

  • The world's first and most systematic approach to cross-cultural fusion between Western harmony-centric systems and other melody-centric systems 

  • It takes into cognizance the approaches and aesthetics of both to create attractive music based on sound theory

  • Melharmony is defined as "harmony anchored on rules of highly evolved melodic systems" 

  • Showcases similarities between diverse systems & embracesthe distinctions between them

  • Offers tremendous possibilities for new melodies & harmony 

  • It is appropriate for any type of music including classical, jazz, popular & film

   T I M E L I N E
  • Melharmony created in March 2000; numerous melharmonic concerts across the globe featuring leading orchestras and artistes since.
  • Paper on Melharmony presented at Society for Music Theory Conference, Boston by Robert Morris in 2005
  • Melharmony introduced in USA Schools for the first time in March 2013.
  • North American Melharmonic Orchestra (NAMO) - Founded in 2012, premiered in March 2013
  • City of Middleton decrees in 2013 that the 3rd Saturday of every November be celebrated as Melharmony Day.
  • OVK-Bach (Nov 2013) and Tyagaraja-Mozart (Nov 2014) Melharmony Festivals - first of their kind events featuring two composers from two different cultures and approaches (melody and harmony) in Wisconsin, USA, ushering a new era.
  • University Credit Course on Melharmony offered by Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY, USA with Ravikiran and Prof Robert Morris - Aug 2015.
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